Creative solutions for selling and renting your property in these difficult times.

Refurbishment and

Let us turn your ‘hard to let’ house into a tenant’s dream!

Refurbished Properties in Manchester

We have extensive experience refurbishing and developing residential property. We work with a network of contractors to project manage and bring to fruition a whole range of property solutions, from a light refurb on a 3-bed semi to fully stripping-out, remodelling and extending a house or apartment.

Our particular skill is spending money only where it is really needed for increasing lettability and income stream, transforming a property into a durable, long-term business asset. We can help you target your project towards your rental market, and help you avoid costly mistakes, such as getting side-tracked by personal taste or spending too much on fittings and building work.

Please contact us for more information about how we can help your property.