Creative solutions for selling and renting your property in these difficult times.

What do we do?

Property Solutions

In the current economic climate it is not unusual to find oneself struggling to sell a property while still obtaining a value that represents what it is really worth. We offer alternative solutions to people trying to sell or let their residential property, whether they be frustrated owner occupiers or landlords wishing to take a step back from the ‘front line’ of property management.

The most common solution we provide is what we call a management option and, in most cases, the whole process can be completed in only 3 to 4 weeks, enabling you to move on with peace of mind and without further property headaches. This is NOT a cash purchase, aiming to demolish your property’s true worth, nor are we offering any form of ‘rent-back’ scheme, now highly discredited due to the number of unscrupulous operators. In most cases we can offer you close to your asking price. In some situations we can even go higher.

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